Disposable Diaper FAQ Points to Consider:

Picking a first quality disposable diaper seems to be a high-stakes choice. If you have a newborn, you can look forward to two or three years' worth of diaper changes - that's up to 10,000 diapers when all is said and done (don't even bother counting if you have twins). Because they're vastly more convenient (imagine having to launder a cloth diaper three times a day), almost 95 percent of parents now use disposable diapers rather than the old-fashioned cloth variety.

Although experts generally prefer a cloth-like cover, some Epinions posters like plastic covers because it keeps their baby's clothing dry and prevents odors from escaping the diaper. Diaper rash and its care is also a very important factor to consider. Check out the latest Diaper lines that add Aloe/Vit E or powders to their lineup.

Important Features
The following is what experts say to look for when choosing a disposable diaper:

• Avoid diapers with a tape fastener that tears the diaper when you undo it. Many diapers now have Velcro-like fasteners, which works well for adjusting them after they've been put on. Of the major diaper manufacturers brands like Luvs, Kiddos and Pampers Baby Dry diapers use a tape fastener. Some brands of baby diapers like BUNDIES use tape and offer a line with Velcro fasteners.

• Cloth-like material allows more airflow to the baby's skin, and lowers the likelihood of rashes. All but one of the diapers in ConsumerSearch Fast Answers uses a cloth-like material; Pampers Baby Dry diapers have a thin plastic covering (which some parents say cuts down on odor).

• Look for elastic around the legs to prevent leaks. Stretchable sides and stretchable Velcro attachments can also help to fit the diaper on babies of various sizes.

Disposable Diaper Features:
* Absorbent core
* Adjustable tape fasteners
* Aloe liners
* Antibacterial properties in liners
* Breathable covers with microvents
* Colorful cartoon characters
* Contour fit
* Custom "fold-n-tuck"
* Elastic waistbands contain leakage
* Notch for umbilical cord protection
* Soft stretch
* Taller leg guards or wide elastic leg bands
* Trim fit or ultra-thin for less bulk
* Unisex or specific padding designed for boys or girls
* Various absorbency depending upon use, e.g., nighttime

Prices can range from $.12 to $.32 each depending upon features, brand name vs. store brand, and type of store you shop. Special sales, quantity packs, and coupons and grocery store "club" cards can make a big difference in total savings. You might be able to locate a diaper wholesaler in your area and purchase by the case.

Buy the least expensive brand that performs for you and the baby.

Disposable diapers come in many sizes. Use the correct size for your baby. Consider weight and body and leg thickness for better comfort and better leak protection. There is also an adjustable one-size-fits-all diaper. Different brands and special features will vary the sizes and weights.

Disposable diapers have a waterproof outer lining and an absorbent middle lining that holds wetness. They come in regular and super-absorbent types. Super-absorbent diapers are thinner and have a core that quickly absorbs and holds moisture. They are better at preventing skin wetness, a primary cause of diaper rash. Protective liners keep moisture away and do not release it back onto the skin. Disposable diapers are convenient, especially for travel.

Many features, such as contoured shape, elastic waistband and elastic legs, promote comfort and fit. You can save money by purchasing diapers with only the features needed to keep your baby dry and clean.

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